Sonia De Nicolo

Mixed media art and animation

“Scrap to You” Jewelry


As an Artist,

I have been trying to both save money and reduce my carbon footprint by utilizing cardboard/plastic recyclables and donated fabrics/decorative papers to create my animations. However, even after construction and animating, I still had a bunch of small scraps of these materials left over. So, in order to further maximize the use of my materials, I started collecting all of these small pieces in boxes in order to make small wearable art, or jewelry, from these leftover materials. These pieces are fun, colorful, incredibly light to wear, and all made from recyclable materials left over from my animations! The following pieces in this photo series were created from remnants left over from Jonny Wolf’s “Back to You” animated music video, hence the name: “Scrap to You”. Please email me (or go through the “Contact” page) if you are interested in buying a piece or ordering a custom design.